Your Own Little Bundle Of Awkward

I’M SORRY U ARE SICK BUT YEs i would like to hear the world must know these beautiful headcanons


John: Really fun actor, usually ends up getting comedic roles because he exaggerates a lot. He’s way more for regular acting than Musicals, but he’s a pretty good singer- alright dancer, sometimes he gets carried away with his own feet.

Rose: Likes to direct way more than be involved, but when she is, she strives for parts with broad ranges of emotion. Beautiful voice, has ballet dancer potential, but would rather not express either.

Dave: “”“”Ironically”“”” does musicals but secretly LOVES the attention he gets onstage. Incredible dancer, awesome singer. Great actor as well, but tends to have some trouble with emotional scenes. When his potential’s unlocked though, woAH WATch out, buddy.

Jade: Loves singing and is REALLY good at it, very expressionistic onstage. Has a certain charm that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and makes them want to be involved. Not too bad a dancer, either- better than John but not the most coordinated.

Karkat: Amazing, amazing, amazing actor. He always puts himself in his character’s shoes, and it shows. He can and will put an audience to tears. Only does Plays, and shows somewhat of a disdain for Musicals. Does not know how to dance, nor has he ever wanted to. He keeps it a secret, but he has a beautiful voice and could potentially get a big part in a Musical with it even if he couldn’t dance.

Aradia: Terrific dancer of all varieties, always alluring in what she does, ~*~her hips don’t lie~*~. She has a spell-binding, angelic voice to boot! Not the greatest actress, but always gets a part. Does both Plays and Musicals.

Tavros: Only does Plays, and is a fairly good actor, despite his nerves. Would love to do Musicals, but his dancing is pretty bad. Nice voice, again, once passed his nerves. Everyone knows he’s really a kick-ass actor once his potential’s unlocked though because the year he starred as Peter Pan? Forget it, the audience gave a huge standing ovation. Lots of talent that could be tapped into more.

Sollux: Tech and lighting and backstage manager. No way is he doing any of that acting pansy stuff, “iit2 ju2t not for me.” Doesn’t sing or dance at all, really. Always makes sure he’s there backstage when Aradia performs, or hits an extra spotlight on her.
(putting the rest in a readmore! READ THEM I worked so hard on them omg)

Nepeta: Usually scores minor to decent parts in Musicals and Plays. Good voice, even better dancer. Also helps with background sets. Pretty good actress, but sometimes overacts. Has fun doing it no matter what part she is.

Kanaya: In charge of costume, of course. Is also one of the dance directors. Had some trouble opening up with her voice and acting, but once over it, nearly scores a lead in every production after, singing or not. Truly emotional with her words and has a wonderful disposition/stage presence. Stunning voice that was made for the stage. Really, really talented. Rose is always near the pit- to direct and be closer to her for encouragement.

Terezi: Not the greatest singer at all. Or dancer- she can only be so coordinated. Isn’t into acting much at all, but will always show up to the shows for her friends. Tried it once, said, “TH1S 1S DUMB” and never went back to it. Helps around, though- Backstage, ticket sales, and.. positive reinforcement. >:]

Vriska: Thought it was dumb at first, but then became a total stage diva. Loves the attention and didn’t realize how “F8CKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!” it was. Enticing, captivating voice that was made for the stage, the same exact thing can be said for her dancing (which is slightly provocative.) Extremely talented at acting, and always strives to get better for the good of Nic Cage. Tends to put others in the production down. Tends to only do Musicals, but will gladly act/do duets with John.

Equius: Has a surprising amount of stage fright. Not a good dancer at all, and the sight is somewhat humorous. Decent singer, has a broad Tenor to Bass range. He does not act and is only there for Nepeta to support her in what she does (and also to see Aradia, but upon watching her dance Nepeta decided it wasn’t a good idea after she had to get multiple towels for him.)

Gamzee: Usually hangs around during practices just because he likes the atmosphere. Multiple people have asked why he’s there and he never gives a solid answer. He just likes to watch his friends perform together. Only dances and sings (rather absurdly) for fun. Has considered acting, but usually forgets all his lines on the spot. Sometimes brings food for everyone during practice (may or may not be sopored) and gives everyone who’s feeling down a chill pep talk. Also will do everyone’s makeup when needed.

Eridan: Is what they call, “a theatre snob”. Strictly does Musicals to showcase his (very impressive) voice, and is also involved with other singing/dancing productions with Feferi. Much like magic, he casually complains how dumb theatre is when everyone knows he loves it “yeah wwhatevver one of the reasons i took this up wwas to showw you all howw painfully fuckin easy this is”. Insanely talented at singing and dancing, but only acts when he has to and is much more focused on his singing and dancing. Some evidence may show he does all this because of Feferi.

Feferi: A triple threat singer, dancer and actress. Like Eridan, is much more focused on her singing and dancing and doesn’t really act but is more open to acting than he is. Her and Eridan are the best dancers out of everyone and its rare when you don’t see them doing a duet. Is much nicer to everyone onstage than Eridan is and doesn’t let an ego get to her. Loves performing with him and how close it makes them but is very wary of his certain advances through this. Has the opportunity to get leads all the time.

And thats it im not doign the Alpha kids or Cherubs or anythign i’m just doing the main cast but YEAH!!!! THANK YOU FOR ASKING 

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